We Were Lost

Dive into the visual representation of a dark mental hole in which two individuals fall after finishing their bachelors degree.

After a whole life of being taken by the hand and being told what to do, the period after graduation can felt like starting from scratch.

We ended up with a Bachelors in Science diploma in our hands. But we never anticipated on how we would feel after that euphoric moment. Both struggling finding a job, worrying about how we were going to pay our bills we slipt into a strange period of mental conflicts. For nearly half a year we felt like not knowing where to go, almost like we forgot who we were as individuals. We both were in the need of finding a way out.

That’s when we decided to dedicate a interactive project to the emotions we felt, the battles we fought in our heads and the panic and fears we endured. Take a peak at our weakest moments during this doubtful time in our lives.