A Text Based Puzzle Adventure for iOS. With a slight use of AR.

"It's not safe to mindlessly divert from the line"

What is it About?

The game is about a man who find himself on a deserted island. The only thing that can help him is a glowing line that guides him. But when you momentaily devert from the line, a strange voice would command you to return te the line and continue on your path.

The original story had five chapters, the proof on concept only included chapter 2.

What is it Really About?

In this rapidly changing modern world we are constantly overwhelmed with information. Cities are packed with billboards, we check our smartphones more than necessary in angst for missing out and wherever we are we always have exces to the biggest information source: the internet. In this information society storytelling becomes more and more important to draw the attention of the reader to the message you’re trying to convey.

As an answer to the mental pressure that comes along with all this information, we created Bound. Bound is an interactive storytelling experience using game-mechanics so that the reader’s physical experience changes. Bound centers around text, in which the visuals and audio serve as an support for the narrative.