An Action Puzzle Game without guns. Only Air.

At your untimely death, your brain was donated for science. You wake up inside the body of the little robot EVA, remembering almost nothing. You try to find a way through the unknown environment looking for answers. A kind voice at the other end of a computer screen guides and helps you traverse the dangers you encounter.

My Role

This game was created during the program Game Design & Development that I took in 2015. It was the first time that I worked together with a team of 13 other people, a mix of developers, artist and designers.
During the development of Re-Embodied my role as first time lead designer, I was in charge of deciding the main and tough choices.

What is it About?

Re-Embodied is a “Tactical Action Puzzle” game in which the player is only armed with an airgun. they will have to use this airgun to manouver through puzzles and defeat enemies in creative ways using their surroundings.